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Welcome to MDS Marine, an Australian owned and operated company.

MDS Marine specialises in the design and manufacture of pontoons, marinas, jetties, gangways, bridges and associated components. Our pontoon design specialists include naval architects and structural engineers with combined experience of over 50 years.

MDS Marine is internationally recognised for its technologically advanced design systems and high quality products.

The unique features of the MDS Marine system, allows for greater flexibility in design, configuration and material selection to suit specific environments, structural requirements, aesthetics and customer budgets. Each pontoon, marina, jetty, gangway or bridge is designed specifically to suit each particular installation adhering to applicable rules and regulations set down by Australian and International Standards and government regulating authorities.

MDS Marine sales office and fabrication plant is located in Sydney, New South Wales.

The goal of MDS Marine is to provide a quality Australian made product and excellent service at an acceptable price.



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